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Elvis is being interviewed by reporters on the train to California; to begin work on "G. Blues", his first movie of 1960

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Elvis Presley****Are You Lonesome Tonight"***"Stuck on You"****"Little Sister" ***"Viva Las Vegas" ****"It's Now or Never"***"All Shook Up" ***"His Latest Flame"***"One Night"

Elvis dancing to Jailhouse Rock. Who doesn't love Elvis....gone to soon!!

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Elvis Presley (dancing to Jailhouse Rock. Who doesn't love Elvis.gone to soon!

Elvis Presley loved his Tennessee Walking Horse "Bear," very much, and enjoyed riding him around Graceland. Love to see men enjoying animals, especially horses--thus scenes in The Wooded Path.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Meyers was Elvis in tv mini series Also on this board you will see Elvis photo shopped into this photo ,instead of Jonathan.

No words will suffice

Elvis Elvis in everyday clothing. He is calm, relaxed, happy and satisfied. Every day was a good day to him.

Elvis Presley ‘Loving You’, 1957.

Zippo Lighter: Elvis Presley, On Stage with Guitar - Brushed Chrome

Elvis style perfect!

I totally woulda been one of Elvis Presley's swooning fans if I'da been alive then.I'm still a swooning fan even though I never was alive then!