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You are a survivor! Make peace with your past and start making plans for your future.

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invite designed by katt frank.


Would be a cute behind the ear tattoo

Wedding stationery. Wedding invite designed by Katt Frank

Wedding invite designed by Katt Frank

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"Live simply, love generously, learn constantly" Quotes and Phrases // Simple-Divine-Creation

New Bullet Journal + new month set up =  #newbulletjournal #bulletjournal #bulletjournalcommunity #bulletjournaljunkies #monthlysetup #helloseptember

My September Set Up in my Bullet Journal: Going back to some layouts I've used in the past and I loved, plus adding some new sections.

carte-postale-décembre.jpg (1181×1772)

carte-postale-décembre.jpg (1181×1772)

Christmas Cards // FREE PRINTABLE (so lovely, I'm saving for next year :)

DIY de Noël

Little finds for Christmas

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Life rules!!!

Take time to do what makes your soul happy