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A Legacy

A Legacy is the tale of two very different families, the Merzes and the Feldens. The Jewish Merzes are longstanding members of Berlin’s haute bourgeoisie who co

Heinrich Von Kleist: Artistic and Political Legacies

Heinrich Von Kleist: Artistic and Political Legacies

Fever casts a brilliant light over the life of a figure once described as Typhoid Mary

10 must reads including Fever by Mary Beth Keane. The story of Typhoid Mary (historical fiction).

2014 Must Read Books..just in case you missed any of these last year!

2014 Must Read Books Check out the website, some girl tried a new diet and…

Midnight in the Century

In Victor Serge was arrested by Stalin’s police, interrogated, and held in solitary confinement for more than eighty days.

Storm / Donna Jo Napoli.

Storm by Donna Jo Napoli: Having lost her family in a massive flood, sixteen-year-old Sebah finds her way onto a gigantic ark, where she must conceal herself from Noah and his family until it is safe for her and another stowaway to slip away.