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Waterdichte luierbroekjes

Rubber pants to go over cloth diapers. Vintage diaper pants (for use with cloth diapers).

And they had to prove their point with not one, but two meticulously-drawn arrows? Even as a kid, that always seemed a little sketchy to me.

I reminder these, and used to keep tiny treasures in an empty one my grandma gave me.

These kids would die lol

Payphone The Boy Scouts taught us to always carry a dime for an emergency phone call. how quaint that seems. But I guess almost 50 years ago is often quaint.

Still have Wile E. and Pepe..... plus all the Star Wars and ESB Burger King glasses.  Treasures!

Vintage Pepsi glasses - Grandma had some in her cupboard, loved the Porky Pig one

vintage sparklers We got these on the fourth of july. One year my brother got carried away and threw a lit one on the neighbor's roof.

Inner tubes for swimming on Grandma's pond on the farm.We always had loooonnngg scratches from the valve but sure had fun with them.

Inner tube for swimming in the dam. I got stuck in a little one when I tried to jump through it. Previous pinner wrote: We always had loooonnngg scratches from the valve but sure had fun with them.

Vintage Nesting Stacking Barrels.  Playskool?  I remember playing with this for hours.

Vintage Kittie in the Kegs - complete includes Kittie - Stacking Nesting Barrel Child Guidance Toy from the or - Made in USA


Done this many times. Also, if the pencil wasn't inserted into the cassette, our children would never figure out how these two could be used in unison!

Vicks Cough Drops and Throat Lozenge Packages

3 Nos Vintage Packs Vicks Cough Drops.We could buy these in school bookstore. We ate them like candy!