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WA5760513.jpg (148×98)

WA5760513.jpg (148×98)

Portfolio: Duran Duran, I had this hanging on my wall!

Portfolio: Duran Duran

Duran Duran - Portfolio: Duran Duran - Pictures - CBS News

80s Fashion Pictures from 1981 - Duran Duran

Fashion Pictures from 1981 - Duran Duran - I had this poster in my room!

Makes me remember the first time I cu my hair short... and put some blond in my bangs... ah, the 80'S

John Taylor from Duran Duran. Doesn't Colton on American Idol look like John?

Duran Duran - crush status  /Roger - too Nick Kameny and clean cut  / Andy - too boring /  John - not that jaw, sorry /  Nick - too girly / Monsieur Le Bon - perfect :)  Who was your Duranicrush?

Roger Taylor of Duran Duran turns 48 today! Duran Duran, left to right: Roger Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon, Andy Taylor and John Taylor.

This is a poster sleeve from one of the singles...which one I forget!!!

Duran Duran-Loved this poster! Came with the single of The Reflex.

Simon Le Bon & John Taylor

6 Things You May Not Have Known About Duran Duran's 'Rio' Album