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Essential one light portrait guide

Portrait Lighting Setup poster to be helpful. It contains 24 different portrait lighting setups using a variety of lighting gear and lighting patterns. Click the image to see it up large. Also check out some of the further reading.

how to make a feature

How to make a movie, in a flowchart – brilliant campaign for Frances Canal+ from the excellent tome Visual Storytelling, exploring the emerging language of the information age

The Fascinating Psychology of Color... Might be helpful when choosing your wedding colors!

The Fascinating Psychology of Color

An Infographic On The Psychology of Color. Struggling to find the perfect color for something? Try taking a look at the emotions that colors evoke in people before choosing the latest color pallet for a new project.

How to make an action movie

Infographics of the Day: Flow Charts For Making Horror or Action Movies

Infographic: Lighting Basics for Dazzling Digital Storytelling

Nonprofit Technology Chat: New Infographic: Lighting Basics for Dazzling Digital Storytelling

A list of idea prompts for short films. Where do your story ideas come from. short stories | screenwriter

Also in freshman year we had to make movie trailers for English class and i loved editing the scenes and puting it all together and since then a goal of mine has been to make a short film.

Inglorious Bastards Infographic

Scene Anatomy (Inglorious Basterds – Infographic by Jordan Anderson. It dissects Scene 1 from It breaks down the shots, characters, dialogue, etc. – every detail you can think of in a fun, graphical concept.

Before and After Special Effects. VFX and behind the scenes making

Before and After Special Effects

The Psychology of Attraction #Infographics —

The Psychology of Attraction - #science #Infographics #wellness

What attracts us to certain things? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, there are certain characteristics that catch our eye. Check out the infographic below to learn about the psychology of attraction.