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Harlequin Great Dane. It's a cow, no it's a horse, no it's a Great Dane..   So beautiful

Great Dane Dog Breed Information

I would name him Moo 💜 Harlequin Great Dane. It's a cow, no it's a horse, no it's a Great Dane. So beautiful

Cute Great Dane puppy.- This is a Harlequin Great Dane. --  Their large size belies their friendly nature, as Great Danes are known for seeking physical affection with their owners.

5 of the most massive dog breeds: Great Danes, Dane Puppies, Animals, Dogs, Pet…


Great Dane – Patient and Friendly – Pup Home

the most amazing picture of a dog with a mustache that you will ever see.

Look At This Dog

Is this real? It’s not real. It’s real. It’s not real. It’s real. No chance. Wait, IS THIS REAL? Give it to me straight….is this really a thing on this planet?

Gentle Giant

the curious bumblebee

This is the exact color I've been obsessing over! I saw a GreatDane this shade at the dog park and fell in LOVE!

Check out the awesome coloring on this 7 week old Great Dane puppy! www.bullymake.com

Blue harlequin Great Dane puppy 7 weeks old - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

This is the dog that Ben wants! Corgi Puppy!!! SO freaking cute!!#

fluffy corgi puppy is the cure for the mondays--SO cute. had no clue they were this cute as puppies.