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Superbly hand-forged, this is the best straight razor I’ve ever tried.

Iwasaki Kamisori Razor

ippinka: “ Iwasaki Kamisori Razor Superbly hand-forged, this is the best straight razor I’ve ever tried. It gives me the closest shave I’ve ever gotten, compared to any other werstern type straight.

Mister Nesbitt Grooming Kit by Anwar Pack, via Behance

Mostly people judge the quality of product with its unique packaging. As an ongoing part of our inspiration series today we present excellent examples of beautiful, attractive and communicative packaging design. Effective packaging design breaks away.

How To Get the Perfect Shave #Infographics #Pod #men — Lightscap3s.com

How To Get the Perfect Shave - #howto #Infographics #beauty

A man's guide to achieving the perfect shave using a straight razor. Prep skin with MKMen® Daily Facial Wash, shave with MKMen® Shave Foam, and finish with MKMen® Cooling After-Shave Gel.

Shave Like Your Great Grandpa: The Ultimate Straight Razor Shaving Guide | The Art of Manliness

Straight Razor Shaving For Beginners

A MAN TRIBUNE HERE, WE ARE FAMILY… starting next weekend!

A MAN TRIBUNE HERE, WE ARE FAMILY… starting next weekend!

Butch Harner hand made straight razors. Probably more of these razors were sold for defense than for shaving. The image of one in someone's hand is enough to make anyone back off.

With the price of razor blades today you'ld be wise to get yourself one of these Dovo straight razors. Check out our straight razors... https://alehorn.com

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Experts call it differently: Cut throat razor, Straight razor or Shavette. But all think about the same razor.

Hubby has always wanted a chair just like this....I have to say old barber chairs are awesome.

The Straight Razor Shave: Photo Essay

A Hair Cut & Straight Razor Shave - I had a grandfather who was a barber. He would let me play in the barber chair when there were no customers in the shop. I learned a lot of really cool stuff about people and life from him.

Learn to Use a Straight Razor for the Closest Shaves You'll Ever Get

How to Shave With a Straight Razor [VIDEO]

Straight Razor Shaving: A How-To I'm more of a safety razor man, but I'd trade in my Merkur for a decent straight razor.

How to hold a straight razor - hopefully I can get the hang of this!

Learn all about Straight Razor Shaving - what straight razor to buy, how to prepare your beard, how to shave, hone & sharpen your blade.

{Need a shave set}

What is Wet Shaving? Everything a New Wet Shaver Needs

Acqua Di Parma, men's grooming - wish I had the guts to use a straight razor


An infographic on wet shaving

Men's Basics/Tips: Wet Shaving. Less costly, painful, and skin-irritating for both men and women's shaving.

Peroux-Cognet “Le Talisman” - 13/16 (Original scales )

Peroux-Cognet “Le Talisman” - 13/16 (Original scales )