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Funny pictures about Emma Watson's charm. Oh, and cool pics about Emma Watson's charm. Also, Emma Watson's charm.

It's official: being in the Harry Potter movies automatically makes you significantly more attractive.

Between Dudley and Neville, I'm beginning to suspect that puberty works differently in Britain. But mostly Neville. Dudley isn't super attractive, but he's not bad. Neville somehow became sexy.

Image result for harry potter interviews

Image result for harry potter interviews

Oh, Emma

it doesn't feel fake, jimmy. Bahahaha I love emma stone!

THIS FOREVER AND ALWAYS......wow....is she gonna walk down the aisle like that?? Classy. @Maddy Hassenpflug

Harry Potter + Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus = Hilarious. "I have this theory that if you cut all her hair off she'd look like a British man!

my fav scott quote ever

10 Sarcastically Funny TV & Movie Screencaps

Scott Disick is funny. Scott Disick is a douche bag. Scott Disick is a funny douche bag.

WE <3 Ron Weasly...

tom felton, rupert grint, harry potter, film, ron weasley and Draco Malfoy

And, this is why Daniel Radcliffe is made of awesome.

Funny pictures about Daniel Radcliffe on Justin Bieber's music. Oh, and cool pics about Daniel Radcliffe on Justin Bieber's music. Also, Daniel Radcliffe on Justin Bieber's music photos.

Rupert: "we're kind of like sisters." haha! o-o

Rupert: "we're kind of like sisters. (Rupert admits he is a girl from nervousness because he knows he loves her)

Gosh, Harry, learn your name.

You are forever Harry Potter, now take off that make up and stop hiding your scar

These "Mean Girls" And "Harry Potter" Mash-Ups Are Honestly So Fetch

21 "Mean Girls" And "Harry Potter" Connections That Will Blow Your Mind

Texting your crush Hagrid style. Haha.

After sending a risky text to my crush. All the effing time! This is my life right here! Give me a beard and call me hagrid!

Hahaha   this is funny because that is exactly who I said she looked like!!

Miley Cyrus gets a new hairstyle that resembles Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter Series.

wish i was at hogwarts

I hate waking up in the morning knowing my life isn't Hogwarts.