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mindfuckmaze:  by http://superspacemonkey.deviantart.com/art/N-182067215

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pokemon, N, natural harmonia gropius, touya

Finally, a story of N and Hilbert/Touya that doesn't end with me wanting to set myself on fire.

Pokemon N Harmonia | Pokemon Trainers

A challenger appears : pokemon trainer N.dammit I stuffed up my chronological order

I'm not really into pokemon fan art, but this is pretty awesome

Now when N is the new team Plasma king. He forgot all about the young pokemon lover and protector he used to be as a child.

pokemon, natural harmonia gropius, N

"Your Pokémon are saying they want to battle with my friend. Will you have a Pokémon battle with me?

In pokemon black and white, N mysteriously disappears. What really happened was he opened a pizza store. :)

Would You Order from N's Pizza?

N doesn't just want to capture other's pokemon, but he wants to open his own pizza place. MY BOI HAS GROWN UP ;