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Predator Lookalike

Our Predator lookalikes will get the attention at any event. Their perfectly engineered suits are perfect replica's from the hit movie and scare the li.

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fassynated: “ unearthlydust: ““I watched your dreams.” ” Fassy after watching my dreams: ”

The monitoring of sleep quality and vital signs (heart rate and respiratory rate) would mean users are able to see just how their sleep had been at night, before choosing whether to act on the personalized tips received so that one might just enjoy improved sleep and overall wellness the next night.

iFit And EarlySense To Help Track Sleep “Performance”

Spicebush swallowtail caterpillar (L) and common green snake (R). Animal lookalikes. Mother Nature Network

8 uncanny animal lookalikes

When you share a common predator, like birds, it's good to be — or look like — a snake! The incredible spicebush swallowtail larva (left) mimics th

Easter Bunny Pattern comes with Lop Eared version too. Make a bunch, quick and easy. by MyFunnyBuddy

I'll be making lots of these for the Children's Hospital! Stuffed Bunny Pattern - Hoppy Bunny PDF Sewing Pattern - Soft Toy for Babies Toddlers Plush Easter Bunny for Springtime Plays Peek-a-Boo

Viceroy and monarch butterflies Another kind of mimicry is Müllerian mimicry, named after the widely accepted theory advanced in 1878 by the German naturalist Fritz Müller. This occurs when two species both benefit one another by looking alike because they are both equally unpalatable, as is the case with viceroy (left) and monarch (right) butterflies. Usually the species share at least one common predator.

8 uncanny animal lookalikes

Wood mouse. A study in Spain found that wood mice populations were booming near roads--perhaps because potential predators were scared off by traffic?

The wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) is a common murid rodent from Europe and northwestern Africa.


I think that it's Joeyline, the amazing female caracal, looking at something upwards. I could pet her, it was a really nice feeling!