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William Morris Design

soyouthinkyoucansee: Medway Wallpaper blue 1885 William Morris English textile designer, artist, writer, and libertarian socialist, Pre-R.

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PATTERN COLOR - William Morris and his fabulous wallpaper patterns for this chalk pastel drawing project. During the William Morris was a famous British poet, novelist, furniture and textile.

Lampas-woven textile with tulips, silk and silver lamella. Turkey; 2nd half of 16th century. Large, stylized tulips make it a fine example of the highly original and magnificent patterns that were designed in the Ottoman court studios. So much gold and silver thread was used for certain textiles that the sultans prohibited their production for periods, since they drained the reserves of precious metals.

Islamic textile w/gold & silver thread and tulip motif.Lampas-woven textile with tulips, silk and silver lamella Turkey; half of century, Ottoman Empire

Bird and Anemone design for wallpaper and printed cottons ( 1882) William Morris.    Wikimedia.

'Bird and anemone' textile design by William Morris, produced by Morris Co in 1882 and the wallpaper for our first bedroom.thank you William.you move my soul