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Dirk Czarnota - Swadhisthana Chakra - Serie III

Poster Swadhisthana Chakra - Serie III

Kundalni rising - part 2 - the sacral chakra (swadhisthana chakra)

Fifth (Throat) Chakra TUNING - Color: Blue Location: Throat, Body Parts…

The Chakras The fifth centre is located in the throat and is associated with the thyroid gland. It governs the balancing of body systems. Its ruling planet is Mercury.

I Like It Nice And Blue...Always On Earth And Beyond !... http://samissomarspace.wordpress.com

Poster Vishuddha Chakra - Serie III

Speak your truth ... always. Tips for healing the Vishuddha... balancedwomensblog.com

Simple ways to balance the energy flow of your blue chakra. Knowledge of basic throat chakra information can lead to so much profound healing. It all starts with speaking your truth.

°The Throat Chakra ~ located where your throat & neck meet, the color is blue. It resonates to the musical note G or G It's element is ether. This chakra corresponds to our sense of hearing. The statement is "I want to speak freely and openly.


I am a being of life and love. I am divinely guided and inspired. I am at one with the universe. I live my life through my higher self. I am enlightened. - Crown Chakra Affirmation by CarlyMarie -