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Quebec City: No Olympics

Add Quebec City to the list of cities that have rejected the Olympics. Quebec City dropped out of the running for the 2026 Winter Games but unlike other citi.

Trump Likes LA Olympic Bid? Yes Say Bid Backers

Trump time for the United States Olympic Committee. Donald Trump will try to get the International Olympic Committee to say yes to Los Angeles’ 2024 bid for .

Green Cards and a Stadium

Orlando City's soccer stadium is going to be, if all goes well, funded through a federal program that allows foreign investors to put money into construction.

Bad Weekend for the Olympic Movement

Remember when radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh condemned President Barack Obama in September 2009 for failing to land the 2016 Summer Olympics for Chicago?

LA Politicians Should Know What The 2028 Olympics Will Cost

LA Politicians Should Know What The 2028 Olympics Will Cost

Olympics Legacy: Tarnished Legitimacy?

When people around the International Olympic Committee talk about the Olympics, it is always about legacy. What the Olympics leaves behind.

LA's Olympic Bid and the Rome Election

Sunday may be an eventful day for the International Olympic Committee. If Virginia Raggi becomes the mayor of Rome, Italy, the city may drop out of the biddi.

Brazilian President Impeachment Will Overshadow Olympics

Maybe it was not such a good idea for the International Olympic Committee to award the 2016 Summer Games to Brazil. Problem after problem has threatened to m.

Taxes and the LA Olympic Bid

California seemingly is ready to committee a quarter of a billion dollars to help defray the cost of a 2024 Los Angeles Olympics debt. Los Angeles has alread.