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Being a Mean Parent TM who teaches their kid a lesson: telling them no to a new tablet even if the kid starts crying. Being an abusive parent: filming your kid crying about it then threatening to post it if they step out of line again

As a kid practically raised into quiet submission, I agree with this. I'm so scared to upset my dad in fear of the consequences

There was no picture to pin but this is a must see site. A simple timeline of what would happen to the earth without humans. Pretty cool!

Extremely thought provoking. The history channels show ripped off Weisman's idea.

No more "I'm not a feminist, but..." (although there are legitimate reasons for not taking up the name feminist, for feminism's sometimes white-dominated past)

If you think men and women should have equal rights, you're a feminist. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Feminism << that's not even feminism that's basic human rights buddy. Also "gender non-conforming women" is kinda weirdly phrased but whatev