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King Of The World Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Lois Bryan

King Of The World Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Lois Bryan

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This is the very fist painting that I have actually found Jack's eyes in! Looks very similar to him!

pastel on Wallis paper [Private Collection] (Contemporary Painting, Pastels, Animals)

best picture ideas about shih tzu puppies - oldest dog breeds

(17+) Oldest Dog Breed in The World (EXOTIC INSIDE)

The new Teddy Bear Puppies are becoming very popular with everyone! The smaller breed teddy bears are usually a mix of a Maltese and Shih Tzu. They are also known as Maltshi and Maltzu puppies. They are playful, full of love and look like little teddy

Schnoodle (Schnauzer and poodle mix)  How can you not love that face?

The temperament and personality-traits of the Schnoodle reflect its Schnauzer and Poodle heritage. Schnauzers are naturally affectionate, protective, intelligent and strong-willed whilst the Poodle is clever, active, and excels in obedience training.

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