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i'm mostly pissed off that not enough people are pissed off. The economy is faling, our President is the worse in our history causing loss of civil rights and highter taxes, yet people are so dense they are not pissed off?


A healthy debate is just a civilized debate that stays on topic and doesn't deteriorate into name calling and blaming. You can have a healthy debate on anything.


be careful who you pretend to be you might forget who you are. I've gone to long with pretending who I was I have totally forgotten my old happy careful self!


Never Forget Three Types of People in Your Life : Those who HELPED you in your difficult times. Those who LEFT you in your difficult times. Those who PUT you in difficult times.

Seeing 777 means that you are on the right path... keep up with the good work!

today, plus 2016 has a strong energetic influence from the number and So . today carries the energy of the spiritually- charged angel number Happy 7 with love and light, Melanie


Fun facts about your sign! So many truths about me it's scary! Friends and family should read more about my sign bs they would know me so much better.

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I mean this isn't just Republicans it's a lot of people at this point but this is powerful nonetheless.

Next thing ya know, the kid’s hanging with the wrong people and the cycle continues. Step in and give others practical support earlier.