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sexual consent. This cartoon is a great reminder of the much needed end to rape culture. No matter what gender you are, if you say no the it's no.

Everyone should see these cartoons about society and sexual consent

"What If We Treated All Consent Like Society Treats Sexual Consent?" - image from Everyday Feminism, by creator Alli Kirkham.

Politics: | 21 Reasons Tumblr Is Better Than Public School

21 Reasons Tumblr Is Better Than Public School

World history is basically just Europe pulling a bunch of dick moves on the rest of the world.

Stop sexism

Whoever made this comic is amazing. One of my biggest complaints about sexism is that people think its okay for a girl to dress boyish and just call her a tomboy but if a boy dresses like a girl theres something wrong with him.<<well said

This is how messed up our world is.... We need to make a change. These pictures…


Illustration about everything wrong with society. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” -Albert Einstein So true and so sad !

A feminist cartoon dialogue, by Rebecca Cohen

25 Things That Happen When You Talk About Feminism On The Internet

Rebecca Cohen: So sick of people who pretend their problem is with the word “feminism” rather than the concept of gender equality.

cold war political cartoons | Political cartoon of US vs USSR

cold war political cartoons U. vs USSR, this cartoon represents how the U. was fighting the USSR

Good question: WTF is wrong with Americans?

WTF is wrong with Americans?

Silhouette Man Wonders WTF is Wrong With Americans. I wonder when we actually got as stupid as we are. It seems we are rapidly becoming the dumbest country in the entire world. How long before we wake up or . will we wake up?