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Nick Purcha

Nick Purcha

Hello, I'm Andy. I can play the guitar and sing. I'm seventeen and at times I'm not the nicest of people, but I guess none of us are perfect angels.

Dear Cute Guys, Go to my school please. Sincerely, Loner Girl With No Cute Guys At Her School.

Everyone he's my cute sexy nerd who I love and he makes me happy and makes me feel loved so let me be happy with him because I love him very much! Plus he supports me in everything I do! ~ Cait

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Hey I'm Google. I'm 19. I'm single, and don't tell anyone, especially Twitter or Facebook, that I have a major crush on Yahoo. She's so cute! Anyways, I know basically everything so if you need help with school or homework or anything I'm here! I like finishing people's sentences even when they don't make sense. Introduce?

What is your type?

Dylan O'Brien in The Internship. Can his eyesight please diminish considerably so he is forced to wear fucking sexy nerd glasses for the rest of his life. That'd be perf thanks.

Dylan O'Brien is such a babe!

Dylan O'Brien- The Internship. He ( and many many others ) is the proof that glasses are sexy ! I think a lot of people - mostly men - are a bit hotter with glasses.