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AS Level Art sketchb

AS Level Art sketchbook. Theme of Dockside - Mark making with black and white paint (Megan Clarke) I lile this one because of the tone used it diffrent and the effect that it leaves it. Good effect and also i like the diffrent patterns

STITCH, handmade book, book art

Sewing on paper (pages from a book). Even the back of the stiches are interesting shapes to look at.

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Natural forms example of an A grade sketchbook. :shows development within try out pieces and a dash of creativity

painted flowers with organic shapes - Google Search

Art Sketchbook - artist study focusing on monochrome painting techniques with ink drawings of butterflies & flowers // student sketch book - merge text with background - watercolour wash

mandy pattulo – textile designer – fabric collage

Textile collage - Mandy Pattullo Edges paper art Visual Texture and edges Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures or Edges

photography sketchbook layout. I like the use of tracing paper.

Course work sketchbook ideas Photography Sketchbook I like how the tracing paper overlays the photographs so you can read the commentary and then pull it back and see the images on their own.

Sketchbook / work journal skull page

The work that I have submitted is a mixture of my current ongoing work from this year and my A level work from last year. I have chosen som.