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Lee Samantha's food-art - Let's go to grandma's house! Lalalalala ♬♩♪ Ingredients Red Riding Hood - Onigiri (ketchup+rice) - Nori (seaweed ) - Cheese slice - Mayonnaise (stripes on the bag) Big bad wolf - Tofu - Nori (seaweed) - created 19 February 2014


Le cinéma dans vos assiettes !

Even someone as evil as Ursula the sea witch manages to look cute with the help of some incredible food art.

How incredible is this? Food art is a great way to get kids thinking about what they're eating.

The most incredible food art we've ever seen

Lee Samantha's food-art - Waiting for my ride. Where should I go next? (go around the world series) Ingredients Bear - Tomato fried rice - Nori - Cheese Suitcase - Melted cheese on meat patty - Cheese - Nori Bus stop - Cheese - Nori - Green bean

Fairy Tales on Plates

Hello, I am Miffy. Autumn in New York Ingredients Miffy - Onigiri (rice ball) - Nori (seaweed) - Bok choy (steam or boil) - Cheese Yellow Taxi - Chicken patty (chicken+soya sauce+white pepper+bread egg) - Cheese slice - Nori - created November 2013

Awesome Food Art by Lee Samantha

Awesome Food Art by Lee Samantha

25 Fantastic Feats of Food Art: Mom Makes Meals That Tell a Story (Photos)

Snow White: Is the Original Story Too Creepy for Kids?

Vous ne savez plus comment faire pour donner à vos enfants envie de manger ? Voici 25 art food qui risquent de changer la donne.

totoro plate, studio ghibli food - I love food art and this is just amazing!