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Silly snout. Check!

Every Man Should Have a Dog Photos) - Suburban Men - January 2017


Thinking about adopting a greyhound? They ironically need very little exercise and are big couch potatoes, perfect for apartments. They also don't shed or bark that much. Plenty of retired racers need good forever homes. (I want to adopt a retired racer)

Pit Bull's aren't visious. Only if you treat then wrongly!!!

I hate that Pitbulls have become "black listed" in a way. The fighting dogs are TRAINED to act that way. If we treat them well, Pitbulls are an amazing and sweet breed of dog. My baby boy is wonderful & hes a pitbull!


These two melt my heart, what a beautiful friendship between a boy and his dog

4 month old chocolate lab

Labrador Retriever - Intelligent and Fun Loving

i lurve corgies!      corgiaddict:    This is my 3 year old corgi, Cricket. :)  submitted by: mustlikedogs  be one with the bush. then they will not find you.

Corgi to the left, Corgis to the right. Funny but still cute pictures, pics and videos of your favorite puppy or dog, the Corgi.

<3 sleeping in...

Lazy dog still wants to sleep just 5 more minutes. it’s Saturday, I don’t want to get up yet! For more cute dogs and puppies


Dalmatian Puppy with blue eyes, beautiful - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!