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Belfast-born, Brooklyn-based artist Oliver Jeffers combines classical landscape and seascape paintings with technical measurements in a beautiful series. More images from Measuring Land and Sea below. Also, check out video of Jeffers discussing his wonderful Dipped Painting project over at Booooooom TV if … Continue reading →

Artist Spotlight: Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers was born in Belfast but currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. He dedicates his time to painting but in an unusual way as he reproduces superb landscapes and seascapes in beautiful l…

Beautiful Scientific Paintings of Landscapes & Seascapes

Available for sale from Lazinc, Oliver Jeffers, Protracted Landscape no. 9 Oil on canvas, 61 × 92 cm

Oliver Jeffers | Measuring Land and Sea | Lazarides Rathbone

Available for sale from Lazarides, Oliver Jeffers, Fathom Seascape no. 9 Oil on canvas, 61 × 92 cm

"Measuring Land and Sea" continues Oliver Jeffers' investigation into the philosophical impasse at which art and science often find themselves. Great for the kids to see him in a different light. Until December 23rd at the Lazarides Gallery, Rathbone Place.

Oliver Jeffers latest exhibition showcases his Seascape and Landscape paintings for adults - Digital Arts

Amazing school of fish! Our World Underwater 2013 Winning Image by Octavio Aburto

An awesome courtship swarm of Bigeye fish (via David and Goliath - National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 - National Geographic) Amazing!

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This was pinned as "deer", what the hell? I see this all the time calling CARIBOU, or ELK, deer? I or even moose I seen the other day labeled, "mule deer".