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Give the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Give the gift of absence for throes who do not appreciate your presence - Motivational Quotes Of The Week – 28 Pics

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"tell me & I forget, teach me & I remember, involve me & I learn" -Benjamin Franklin.

Trust yourself. Take chances. Lose and find special people. Value memories. Learn from your mistakes. Accept that people will change.

Life is about trusting yourself and your feelings. Not being afraid to take chances. It's about losing and finding special people and learning to value all the memories you have, good or bad. Learning from the mistakes you make and accepting that certain.

Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what’s even scarier?

The best things in life are to find true happiness and that it's a matter of quality not quantity.

Photo de Chris Meloni.

Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes - WIlliam Gibson

I fall. I rise. I make mistakes. I live. I learn. I've been hurt but I'm alive. I'm human. I'm not perfect, but I am thankful. THANK YOU GOD❤