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Ultraman, Ultraman…Here he comes from the sky… Ultraman, Ultraman… Watch our hero fly…In a super jet he comes from a billion miles away…From a distant planet land…Comes our hero, Ultraman!

Bioman ^____^ Force Rose !

One of my favorite Super Sentai. This was suppose to be the very first Power Rangers Adaptation. But never materialized back in the late


ULTRAMAN- Couldn't wait to get home from school for Ultraman and Creature Feature.

I still have a scar under my lip from trying to 'fly' like Ultraman when I was a little kid.

Power Rangers, Hero

Choudenshi Bioman

Choudenshi Bioman

Ultraman-Mebius & Mirai

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Zoffy - Capitão do Esquadrão Espacial e líder dos Irmãos Ultra, sua primeira aparição foi em 1967, no episódio final (n. 39), do primeiro Ultraman. Com numerosas aparições em produções posteriores, é um dos mais icônicos heróis da franquia Ultra, mesmo não tendo tido série de TV própria.

Zoffy in "Ultra Man: 'Farewell, Ultra Man.'" His first lines, which he directs to the original Ultra Man, are: "As your superior, I would like to know why you allowed that monster to get the best of you. Your powers are much greater than his.

Republic Domain!, doraemonmon:   Ultraman - Hayata

Susumu Kurobe, in the original 1966 "Ultra Man," as Commander Shin Hayata. He was stationed at the Science Patrol's Tokyo, Japan headquarters.

ウルトラマンオーブ バーンマイト 「紅に燃えるぜ!」

Ichiro Mizuki on

ウルトラマンオーブ バーンマイト 「紅に燃えるぜ!」