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Leo Vixx

Read Chapter 7 from the story Creases On My Bed (VIXX Leo) by taeismybro (Bhargavi) with reads. I repeat it insi.


~VIXX in their era :D~ I always find myself coming back to this era because they look so bright and happy playing around and messing up the set of their music video.

hahahahaha #VIXX 4/6 (sorry for the cuss words.)

I was drinking water and I snorted it when I read Hongbin's part

VIXX Leo bed head ynam sayin

VIXX Leo bed head ynam sayin

muffled_screaming, kpop, vixx

I’d be willing to let my bed headboard break for this… — Bed headboard, hip bones, pelvic and spleen.


Hongbin why are you wearing shoes in bed? And clothes? Take those off too