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iTouchless - iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock Silver (Universal Handle) - - Home Depot Canada

Never have to walk through the house and turn off all the lights that were left on. Just click on the room from wherever. no way!!!! i want one

Add Some Spark to Your Home with 10 Innovative Switches and Sockets Designs

You never have to walk through the house and turn off all the lights that were left on! The swittch tells you what room has the lights on, you click the room and the light turns off

School-Lock - Digilock T30.  This is an ADA compliant locking solution for lockers and other times you require a lock.  It uses a single touch of a user button key.

School-Lock - ADA Compliant locks for lockers. Digilock one-touch access locks are the only locks that fully meet ADA guidelines. No other lock offers Digilock's advanced button key functionality.

Never leave home drunk again!!!!

As brilliant as the Defendius Door Chain—which requires you work the chain through the maze to unlock it—it's sadly just a concept. But maybe that's a good thing, because sometimes leaving the house is hard enough already.

When I was a teenager, we had a distinctly impolite name for a pull tab that had been removed from the can with the rivet ring still intact, said name being based on a persistent urban legend about the alleged redemption value of these relatively rare tabs. I can assure you, dear readers, that legend has nothing to do with the reason I am familiar with this handy trick for removing pull tabs with the ring intact every time. Turns out, a tab with an intact rivet ring is quite useful for…

Make: Projects - Hang a picture from a pull tab

Pull Tab Picture Hanger — DIY How-to from Make: Projects. I have so many frames I want to use this on! For the frames I can't put the screw to, I'll use hot glue!

iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock For Left Hand Door, Silver

Look at this Bio-Matic Weather-Proof Fingerprint Recognition Door Lock by iTouchless

Like in the big bang theory


DIY Jumbo Jenga - Home made Christmas gift idea ….played this at a oktoberfest once.lots of fun!

Slot – watmannenechtwillen


Slot – watmannenechtwillen

Flippin' bluetooth lock - pretty cool!

Kwikset Kevo Unlocks Your Door with a Magic Touch


Leatherman Micra Multi Key Mod, - add your keys without the jingle. Super Cool Idea, wasn't sure if should be under my Tactical Cool or Projects, either way I am goin to find a cheapo multi tool soon & modify it to fit keys

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GoPro Black Edition - La GoPro la plus sophistiquée

Remotizer Wireless Electronic Deadbolt Adapter with Keyfob Remote

Remotizer Wireless Electronic Deadbolt Adapter with Keyfob Remote

KEEPING GRENDEL IN Remotizer Wireless Electronic Deadbolt Adapter with Keyfob Remote, attach deadbolt to outside frame of dog flap, put key fobs on both sides of house back door

So great! Laundry storage...

Roll Out Laundry Caddy. Spartak) invented The Venture Horizon 4010 - Laundry Caddy (White) which is handy little giant. The Venture Horizon 4010 - Laundry Caddy (White) is a compact 3 shelf unit that nestles nicely between the w