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You wanted money, right? Verizon so deserves this!

When you must piss someone off…

the memo makes the whole thing. Notice it is for a verizon bill. Who would want to piss of verizon?

The Funny Beaver Friday Funny Pic Dump - August 8, 2014

I saw a post about someone asking Siri "why are fire trucks red" and this was the response. Did this genius memorize that answer or did Siri get it from him?

I should make a stack of these to carry around...

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. Really wish I had a stack of these in my car to hand out,

Next time I have to fill out one of those in class evaluations I am going to write this.

Next time I have to fill out one of those in class evaluations I am going to write this. Haha, this applies to any class with nuetzel! So funny

I could not stop laughing!!

The Funniest AutoCorrects Of Freaking Hilarious! 😄😆😂 quite possibly the funniest thing I have EVER read!

And that was the last time we saw Mike....hahah YIKES!

And that was the Last Time. - And that was the Last Time, fail, funny, kiss, kiss fail

This made me laugh so hard....I hope this really happened

A buddy of mine has had too much

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Dear God, I'm addicted to Pinterest

Ok if you have an iPhone, you should know what's wrong with this. Notice the contact name is "God", but then the incoming messages (white ones) are to God. So, God is texting himself?

My battery must always be at 20% :-/

Pretty much true.plug into bed or find another power source :) preferably caffeinated

I have never watched any of the twilight movies, and I don't feel a need to. But I LOVE True Blood! (:

Organising the home office - Set up a dedicated workspace

I love the Twilight books. Don't really care for the movies. But I LOVE me some True blood!

jethrocane, tumblR

Bill Wi the Science Fi. (I am absolutely doing this when I have my own Wifi Network!


I love when texts are sent to the wrong person.just not when I send a text to the wrong person lol