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Know the difference

"There are two rules on the street," Lexi told him. "Number one: never give out all the information." "And number two?" Jason asked expectantly. Lexi gave him a pointed look. Finally understanding dawned on his face.

eclectic feel | "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different" – Coco Chanel

Marilyn Monroe quote shoes are good and hair color ha after all blonde did the world for her ha ha I've been both blonde and brunette people pay attention when you're blonde ha sex sells ha ha

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I need to tattoo this on my arm as a daily reminder. #patience

Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience. - Ralph W. Emerson - The Enchanted Forest / Fairytale fashion fantasy / karen cox.

I'm positive this could help me. ;-)

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Let that sink in.

Wouldn't change a thing except travel more.the people closest to me are loved well. The ones that don't matter, still won't. None of us are making it out alive physically.

Loyal to a fault. But loyal none the less. Achieved by few, desired by many.

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It's hard to see sometimes but there are loyal people out there and I suggest when u find em keep em around :) I am happy to say I have some of the most loyal friends ever!

Shy People Problems

The Greek dedicated this bird to Athenas, goddess of the wisdom. Owl feathers are a good design to show that you are searching for wisdom and soli