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Nice candle feature for a yoga-meditation space. Also I like the warm colors. Holistic Wellness Center Yoga Room with Candles via Photobucket

Om Namah Shivaya Chakra Meditation Animated Compilation SHIVA Hindu

Your mind puts out a powerful broadcast of energy. It determines how you experience the world and what you create. Your thoughts are magnetic

Love the serenity with this simple picture of Buddha via http://theeastcoastdesi.blogspot.com/

"A home altar is a way to pay respect to our ancestors and the world around us. It reminds us that whatever we love is also within us. The sound of the bell is a reminder to focus on our breathing and come back to ourselves.

Zen design dans des teintes sombres pour cet espace de concentration spirituelle

Des espaces au « zen design » spécialement créés pour la méditation et le yoga

Model Home portfolio - Contemporary - Home Gym - Other Metro - Allure Interiors Inc.

Pretty, and perfect for those of us with limited space

Meditation corner - Oh I love this space! How peaceful! Love the religious candle too!