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Chaos Librarian from "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning" by daarken


Discover a selection of recent artworks made by Grzegorz Rutkowski, a freelancer polish artist.

Gil-Galad foi o Alto-Rei dos Noldor na Segunda Era do Sol na Terra-Média, e também um dos mais notáveis e poderosos elfos da História de Arda. Gil-Galad foi morto pela Mão Negra de Sauron que queimava como o fogo.   Art by: Cherif Fortin

LOTR: Gil-Galad Faces Sauron artist unknown Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Tindomion_Maglorion.

The Demon King, Chaos. He also lords over monstrous creatures such as Shadow People and their Shadow Beasts along with Hell Hounds.

Mephistroth the Demon Lord of Sin. He is the Archnemisis of Dracula and the Only demon Lord who does not wish for the destruction of mortal kind.


The Squire by EVentrue female knight fighter paladin soldier armor. A knight for justice truth and restoring what was broken; You can not fight for someone who "chooses" to reside and go to the enemy camp.

Steampunk Tendencies

Character inspiration- Gorgeous Thief Cosplay by Lyz Brickley Cosplay Photography By Darshelle Stevens Assistants: Zim Killgore and Sean Brickley-

The Observer (12)

This is a digitally drawn concept art of a Hive Wizard from Destiny. A light source above the character, hits him, showing his lighter and darker parts.