This Regency Gown pattern class includes in-depth, detailed instructions that will take you from purchasing fabric to trimming a finished gown.

Regency Gown Pattern Class

This is my original Regency gown pattern, modeled after the styles of the middle Regency and particularly appropriate for impressions.

Regency Gown Pattern | Sense & Sensibility Patterns

Regency Gown Pattern

DIY Bra pattern: Using painters tape to create a copy of any area is a technique to create custom patterns. It's a pretty easy work step but a huge help for creating female custom pieces.

The Elegant Lady’s Closet | Sense & Sensibility Patterns  Great collection of sewing patterns for the historically-minded!

The Elegant Lady's Closet

Available Pattern for a Drawstring Gown with flat skirt. The dress pictured was, I believe, made by Jennie Chancey from a pattern which I believe she created and lists at the Sense & Sensibility Patterns website.

How to Make a Pattern from a Favorite Garment | Sense & Sensibility Patterns

How to Make a Pattern From an Original Garment

Regency Wrapping-Front Spencer Pattern

Regency Wrapping-Front Spencer Pattern

Free Rapunzel Dress Pattern and 4 Rapunzel Hair Tutorials

Crafting & Sewing

Flynn Flynn Moss This is for you! Free Rapunzel Dress Pattern and 4 Rapunzel Hair Tutorials! Perfect for a Halloween Costume or a Christmas Present for the Dress Up Box.