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Lakeland Terrier picture gallery and breed information on temperament, physical characteristics, grooming, history and exercise.

Lakeland Terriers - My dog resembles the dog on the far right!

The Lakeland Terrier Dog Breed (also known as Lakeland, Lakie) Information and Facts, including buying advice, photos, average costs to own and health care tips.

Our adopted dog is part Schnauzer, and we think this is her other part - Lakeland Terrier.

Adopted dog is part Schnauzer, and we think this is her other part - Lakeland Terrier.

Lakeland terrier - A small version of an Airedale in regards to their marking/color.

The Lakeland is bold, friendly, and confident but has a quiet disposition. While he is well suited for a variety of living situations, including rural and urban settings, the Lakeland's energy level makes him well suited for an active lifestyle.


Did you know their tails are stumps because they love to go in bushes and if they had a fuzzy tail it would get stuck!

https://flic.kr/p/4iTQSR | Ginger | Ginger, my wonderful and charming 4 month Banded Mountain Terrier. (www.bandedmountainterrier.com)

Banded Mountain Terrier - A newly developing breed "This is the dog I . The Banded Mountain Terrier was created by crossing some of the USA's top winning Jack Russell bloodlines to imported working Fell and .

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier / AKC RANKING 126 / Energy level High energy / Affection level Moderately affectionate / Friendliness toward strangers Shy / Ease of training Easy to train