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Salvaged window greenhouse by Brian Koehl. Koehl, a master gardener from Waller, Texas, spent a year buying secondhand windows and doors to construct the building that houses his roses and vegetables.

Recycled windows makes a unique potting shed! Although the structure here was designed around the window's dimensions, you could achieve the same look by adapting the idea to an existing structure. The result is a low-cost, roomy potting shed that doubles as a greenhouse and has the look of an old-fashioned conservatory. Surrounded by a white picket fence, this garden oozes charm.

Garden Shed Ideas

Recycled Window Greenhouse Why not recycle assorted windows into a unique potting shed or greenhouse?

Pit Greenhouse....Pit greenhouses are extremely energy efficient, as they are essentially a hole dug into the ground with an attached glass structure. At a depth of four feet, the Earth retains a temperature of roughly fifty degrees year round; almost ten degrees warmer than that of an above ground greenhouse. If your greenhouse requires a temperature of seventy degrees, the temperature will only need to be raised twenty degrees.

Underground greenhouse and a fun table for lunch.maybe a comfy chair for reading all those gardening books.

A diminutive conservatory, complete with awesome arched window (1) From: FlickR, please visit

A diminutive conservatory, complete with awesome arched window. "Inside Roozentangle's tiny glass house" by Debra Prinzing's Photostream.

DIY: Greenhouse Shed

DIY: Greenhouse Shed

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