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Something about watches, clocks, time etc that makes me feel sentimental. My grandad had a thing about clocks, so does my mum, so do I.

I love unique decorative things!

Steampunk Cute KEY to your heart Necklace Victorian pendant charm pirate

Come to the back of the Ralph's

Come to the back of the Ralph's

Clocks...y el tiempo de pronto se detuvo...

The Complete Guide To Your Insane Working Hours

We cannot get enough of this gorgeous orange vase/pitcher. The color contrast is delicious.its for complementary color combinations. and its a mafic of blue and orange mixture

bohemian elegance ~ hourglass

Sand Glass, Half-Hour Date: first quarter century Culture: German Medium: Bronze-gilt and silver-gilt. Reminds me of Death's ornate hour glasses in the Discworld series.

love the colours

colour pallet - pink and aqua: lovely window framed in blossoms. love the lace curtains

Trinket Box

Antique French Pink-Lined Trinket Box :::::so fancy