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“The human heart is the most deceitful of all things,and desperately wicked.I give all people their due rewards,according to what their actions deserve.

Romans Yes, Adam’s one sin brings condemnation for everyone, but Christ’s one act of righteousness brings a right relationship with God and new life for everyone.

And anyone who believes in God’s Son has eternal life. Anyone who doesn’t obey the Son will never experience eternal life but remains under God’s angry judgment.

Psalms We put our hope in the Lord.In him our hearts rejoice,for we trust in his holy name.

Hams, Led, Homemade Ice, Ham

Hams, Ham


“Those who cling to worthless idolsturn away from God’s love for them.



Barns, Folk, Popular, Barn, Fork, Sheds, People

Psalms And all men shall fear, and shall declare the work of God; and all the upright in heart shall glory.