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This Border Collie Travels More Than Most People

This Border Collie Travels More Than Most People

Momo's human, Andrew, takes him all over the United States and Canada in their VW bus for new adventures and photo opportunities. Momo has a penchant for hiding in plain sight, which led to the creati

Border Collie at work by jonsson.anna, via Flickr

The most common coloring of Border Collies is Black with white markings, but they can also be red/white, or tri-colored.

The Border Collie is the reigning "workaholic" of the canine world. Incredibly intelligent and energetic (not to mention intensely adorable), they have a reputation for thriving on praise alone. These dogs are perfectionists with an innate need to please.  coolrain44.wordpress.com  Share c

Breed of the week: the busy Border Collie


I love this breed so much. Smartest breed on the planet.Now we have Bodie, a Australian shepherd, he is pretty smart himself!

...that's how it really is!!

"Oh, you don't feel like throwing the ball right now? I'll just watch until you are ready." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Border Collie - Here, let me put it in your lap just in case you didn't see it. If you still ignore me, I will woof at you.

Ready when you are!

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Beautiful Border! Love the fur blowing in the wind.

Platinum Performance dog Kaiden - I love the Border Collies with silky long coats!

Autumn Border Collie

Looks like my Weegee picture! 'Surrounded by Leaves' by Terka Brožková on (Border Collie)