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From the "Bunnyland" series - Photography by Alena Beljakova, 2009

Ilusão de ótica - Rosto de homem - http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=354227248021279=a.295572270553444.65575.270979169679421=1 - 208454_354227248021279_54257074_n.jpg (551×759)

Illusion - Surreal Portrait by Fh-Studio Media Productions , via Behance-- (idea for a photo quilt)

Os mais inspiradores versículos da Bíblia Sagrada                                     Versículos da Bíblia Sagrada        “Reveste-se de fo...

Os mais inspiradores versículos da Bíblia Sagrada Versículos da Bíblia Sagrada “Reveste-se de fo...

Black and white B&W photography // karen cox. Alice, Vladimir Clavijo Telepnev

Marvelous photo illustrations by Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev for Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll with Art dolls by Tatiana Bayeva

Lynn Nguyen Lynn Nguyenis an artist and... | Asylum Art


asylum-art: Lynn Nguyen Lynn Nguyenis an artist and illustrator living in Sydney Australia. She attended The National Art School and graduated witha BFA in Visual art, focusing on drawing & photography.

Grinning Man. "It is called The Grinning Man, for in all of the encounters had with this being, one element stands out as most memorable - the maniacal grin this being has on its face when seen." http://www.theparanormalguide.com/blog/grinning-man

The Grinning Man - Close Encounters / Urban Legends - Our world is full of stories of normal, every-day folk who, while living their daily lives, happen to have an encounter with something unknown,.

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21 Hammock Design Ideas Add Cozy Atmosphere to Your Home

HAMMOCK BED LOFT 14 Inspirational Bedroom Ideas For Teenagers // This large bedroom has it all - a space just for sleeping, a desk area for studying, and a suspended netted area perfect for reading in.

LANCE CARDINAL: SET DESIGN (often on a serious budget or challenged by architectural limitations... some good reminders)

LANCE CARDINAL: Into the Woods - Set Design Callingwood School. Plywood and craft paper trees. Canopy is camo netting

Aliens (1986)

Video: ALIENS Anniversary Comic-Con Panel With James Cameron, Sigourney Weaver, and More — GeekTyrant