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Just Breathe -love this image and the reminder. also a big part of my job - teaching people how to breath when swimming in water :)

February 05 2017 at 05:37PM from sabonhomeblog

" Crashing waves on an empty beach, the rhythm of our hearts, two drowning…

"Where ocean breezes storm the soul,  Where the love of strife grows quickly old,  Where the touch of God is beheld in power, Where the spirit finds rest in its darkest hour." The book "Rooms"

I adore beaches + water. Growing up in Pensacola, FL, I was around water and the beach all the time. In fact, water and sandy beaches a.

Singing to the rhythm of the waves

After Jesus, the best thing in my life besides family and friends is the ocean. God made all things beautiful but I enjoy the ocean the most


A gift to the world - the sea. We came to live by the sea and it is glorious.

208 Atlantic Ocean near Bahamas 8x 20 от vladimirmesheryakov

I like this painting because you really have to look at it to see it's a painting 208 Atlantic Ocean near Bahamas 20 от vladimirmesheryakov