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Spirals - Ammonite fossil with a very thin opalized outer layer = ammolite, apparently only found in Alberta, Canada

Chameleon Tail - The Golden Ratio - Fibonacci-fractal

Cardioceras quadrarium, Кардиоцерас, аммонит, нижний оксфорд, г. Михайлов, карьер

Cardioceras quadrarium, Кардиоцерас, аммонит, нижний оксфорд, г. Михайлов, карьер


Opal Fire - Ruby Optical Lead Crystal, Dichroic Lamination - or There are two categories of opals - common and precious. The Precious opals are composed of three groups: white/ black/ fire.

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Ammonite- a fossilized animal

Fractal spirals in nature - Spectacular Ammonite

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A large, spectacular ammonite is a Craspedodiscus from the Volga River region of Russia. The entire surface is covered with "firery" opal iridescence of different colors.

Annularia Fossil -- a horsetail from the Carboniferous Period.

Annularia Fossil, horsetail frm th Carboniferous Period

Eurypterid fossil

Eurypterid (sea scorpions) are an extinct group of arthropods related to arachnids which include the largest known arthropods that ever lived. Giant Silurian sea scorpion (the eurypterid Mixopterus)


Old fossil fish discovered in China, from the Mesozoic Jurassic period

Окаменелый опал. Самые редкие и красивые камни

sun-hawk submitted: Amazing Rare Opalized Wood Boulder Opal with Bright Emerald Green and Blue Growth Rings.

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Fibonacci sequence Phi spirals In a Waldorf education all the subjects are interconnected, just like the real world. This drawing is a great example of how math and art are often one and the same