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{Grow Lust Worthy Hair FASTER Naturally} ========================== Go To: www.HairTriggerr.com ==========================     Esperanza Spalding Inspired Natural Hair Art

Esperanza Spalding (Natural Hair Art)- I've always wanted to play the cello and double bass


Niña de África by Dora Alis. Children of Africa - Black Race Children. Mixed on canvas 30 x 40 ctms The faces of black children, no matter where in the world. Reflefjados colors in black skin, the painter provide endless creative possibilities.

"It's a Passion" print series by Susana Parada.

I'm tickled by the "It's a Passion" print series by Susana Parada. Now, if she would just make one for cheese, I'd be all set! {Images by Parada Creations}

I would love this clock. Just give it to me now. Smart musician's clock. "what time is it? well its always time to play!"

Telling time with music<-- being an orchestra nerd (or, as kids at my school sadly call us, orch dorks) 3 o clock should be a dotted half-note, not a half note and a quarter note.