Retro space chick - So much was space oriented before space travel became reality.

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Space Girl pin up art by Bill Randall.

Space Girl by Bill Randall (Tom Simpson) Tags: woman sexy illustration vintage painting costume breasts legs boobs space pinup raygun jetpack spacegirl pinupart billrandall

Illustration, retrofuturism. Cover of the Soviet magazine ‘Technology for Youth,’ USSR, 1953.

How Soviet Artists Imagined Communist Life in Space - A miniature Moon base from the cover of Tekhnika Molodezhi (Youth Technics), August 1953

Art by Peter Elson

A Suzuki Scrambler built by the guys at Can you imagine how fun this would be? / Sci-Fi Art ****If you're looking for more GREAT Sci Fi, Look out for Nathan Walsh's Dark Science Fiction Novel "Pursuit of the Zodiacs.