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All. Those. Pictures.

the cutest hippo I have ever seen. This guy is photogenic af!

Funny tumblr post

imagine seeing this running at you at night time in the middle of a forrest.That's pretty freaky to imagine.

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I like how number thirteen is like the cat saying "my baby!


Winter Wolf - Howling - Color Note: Pink and Gray - Gray touched with Pastel

30. When they made this Christmas joke:

35 Times Tumblr Proved Itself To Be The Best Social Media Site Ever In 2014

A New Exhibition at Modern Times: "Salt and Sky" - Art & Design - Broadsheet Melbourne

Brooke Holm's Salt & Sky exhibition centres on the photographers own exploration and perspective of the bond humans from with nature.

B L O G H I S T A P E R C A S O: Bernhard Edmaier

B L O G H I S T A P E R C A S O: Bernhard Edmaier

Namib Desert & Ocean - Namibia | Africa

Sea and desert. Namib desert in Namibia Africa - dune surfing