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Yoga and meditation retreats to ring in the New Year.

This year, join amazing yogis and master meditators for New Year's Eve instead of the Times Square throngs.

Thrive - Small Amounts of Loving-Kindness Meditation Lead to Big Change - Thrive: The Kripalu Blog

One increasingly popular form of meditation is loving-kindness meditation (LKM), the practice of wishing one’s self and others to be happy and at ease.

Meditation increases activity in the prefrontal cortex and literally shrinks the amygdala, in a matter of weeks. This means better emotional regulation and clarity; and less stress, anxiety and depression.

Your Brain on Mindfulness Meditation. One of the most well-known and utilized tools in meditation and yoga is the practice of self-observation without judgment, or mindfulness.

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Dharma Mittra in NYC...  yay:)  www.fiercewomancoaching.com

that’s pretty amazing! Dharma Mittra, known as. - that’s pretty amazing! Dharma Mittra, known as the elder statesman of yoga in America, performs Niralamba-Shirshasana (Hands-Free Headstand Pose).