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It's like a devil on your shoulder whispering "but it will go faster still..."

Press Ad that ran on June Or Number of The Beast. And the Audi is just that. A beast. 'The Omen' was rereleased on this day. The newspapers all ran stories about

The color on mymustang would be bomb

Gorgeous colors would look great on a Tesla Model S too. This was a foil wrap. In SoCal, Moe at Glistening Perfection specializes in Teslas and would be happy to do this for your car.



A Winning Formula the New Audi TT Coupé Quattro Review. “When you’ve had a hit on such a massive scale,” a journalist asked Ringo Starr after I Want to Hold Your Hand became The Beatles first number one in both the UK and the USA, “how on earth do you follow it?” “By doing the same thing again,” Quite right. Why change a winning formula? Audi might say the same about the TT coupe – a massive non-stop hit for 15 years, with about 100,000 sold in the UK. #Audi #TT #newcars #drive

Why almost a third of new-car shoppers are considering diesel