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Tabla de katakana

Read Katakana from the story JAPANESE FOR BEGINNERS by Murdoll with 42 reads. Katakana represents the same sounds as Hiragana, it i.

... mongolian autonomous region of china the classical mongol script is

Cyrillic alphabet characters in use today in Mongolia., the creator and founder of our Excel Math elementary curriculum, now lives there much of the year and recently completed her doctoral dissertation on Mongolian proverbs.

Cambodian Alphabet: Khmer Numerals

Get number three Sam as a tattoo for my three sisters

Japanese Characters for Love, Water, dream, Kind, Happy, Bad, etc...

Left palm foot- life Right palm foot- death Next to heart- soul

Je m'en fou.

I don't care - Japanese

Japanese katakana board

Katakana- this is the other alphabet. It's the phonetic alphabet for all words of foreign origin. Paris, London, car, Mary, etc

A complete Katakana & Hiragana Charts

A complete Katakana & Hiragana Charts

Hindi alphabet

This is Hindi writing/lettering. Now you could read and write in Hindi, with enough practice anyway.

japanese alphabet with english letters a-z - Hledat Googlem

japanese alphabet with english letters a-z - Hledat Googlem

Alguns kanjis - Escrita Japonesa

Some Japanese words