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Henri Matisse goldfish collage

Marvelous Matisse Cut Outs. Goldfish bowl water effect was made using watercolour with plastic wrap on top to dry. Vase was a cutout by folding in half to create symmetry , then tracing it onto the dry watercolour paper. Background are paper cutout shapes

Modern Art 4 Kids.  Done as a group project.  Positive neg space lesson

shape, collage, art history, Modern Art 4 Kids: Henri Matisse: "Painting with Scissors"

visual art instructor: Foliage Collage and Color Tissue Paper, Henri Matisse

Insired by 'Tree of Life' Stained Glass by Henri Matisse Using full sheet of semi transparent sandwich paper, glueing leaves and colo.

Matisse Cut-out Designs - First grade - Drip, Drip, Splatter, Splash blog

Matisse Cutouts (Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash)

Discuss the types of cutouts Matisse made: starburst, splash, spirals, zigzags, wavy lines. Use both positive & negative cutouts as part of final arrangement.

MaryMaking: Henri Matisse Meets Alexander Calder

My Mini Modern Artists have been through Impressionism, Cubism and Klee inspired Abst.

Matisse Collages Drawing with Scissors

Matisse Collages Drawing with Scissors - The Kitchen Table Classroom