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short focus

short focus

Paddling Movies of the last 40 years.

Kevin Bacon as WADE in' The River Wild'is the type of villain who is creepy and frightening because he invades a normal family and he is unpredictable. Will he kill them or let them live or will the river claim him as victim.

Tremors...One of the few movies Kevin Bacon doesn't get naked in

Tremors: Val and Earl!

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The “ultimate boon” is the achievement of the goal of the quest. Even it if was a quest for fun.

Tremors, 1990, Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward

Tremors, 1990, Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward

How to Keep Deer On Your Hunting Property #deerhuntingblinds

How to Keep Deer On Your Hunting Property #deerhuntingblinds

Marek Ruzyk is a Polish painter who specializes in marine art. His seascape paintings, done in oil, are reminiscent of classic century artworks.


Watson, a American bald eagle, takes flight in Long Branch State Park in Missouri. In red, is 82 year old Ruth Payton, terminally ill with hemolytic anemia. Payton said she had always wanted to see a bald eagle.

Planting a mock scrape tree is one of the easiest ways to help your deer hunting and attract big bucks.

Do This One Easy Trick to Attract More Big Bucks