boutique style shower

wooden spools of thread. I had a wooden spool of orange thread yesterday (from a collection) that I found. It had a price of 15 cents. Dog thought it looked like a good toy to chew on.

Pretty spools - picture is a great puzzle in the making

Liberty print bias binding on wooden spools. un'idea per trasformare stoffe in washi tape!

Thread On Wooden Spool's

vintage spools of thread I fill old blue mason jars with sewing notions and convert them to lamps !

on hot summer Sunday's in the delta region of west Tennessee you could find my Momma cranking out the best black walnut ice cream you ever ate in your entire life... it seemed like it took way too long and too short a time to eat...

Real Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream made in an old hand-cranked maker. We still make homemade, but use a motorized maker. Such a treat!

~ Now that's a stash… on folding fabric

~ Now that's a stash… on folding fabric

vintage sewing machine!!

Its a vintage kenmore sewing machine model Just in time before my first sewing class ever.

Barbie's in pink.

Pink Retro Barbies: too bad I cut their hair and pierced their ears with stick pins :( I used to have all the original Barbie clothing with zippers, tags etc.

Imagem de white

step 6 Allusion: In the story rachel makes a reference that eleven was rattling inside of her like pennies in a band aid box. Thats allusion because the band aid box is a reference to pop culture and it relates to how shes feeling about her age

... tímidamente ingenuo y rosa ♥

Beauty in pink . silk thread on vintage wooden spools surrounded by lace and a vintage tin