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Five nights at freddy  Fuck you  can get a good day
When you click on the lights and Chica or Bonnie is right there...
The Scariest Thing the Winchesters Have Ever Faced
Hello darkness my old friend..... I've come to talk to you again..... CUZ YOU SENT HELL APON MY PRINTER
Supernatural meets Five Nights at Freddy's
"Five nights at freddys 2" by a-ms-winchester ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Freddy and Armani Jeans
"Fnaf" by a-ms-winchester on Polyvore featuring Zero Gravity, Lime Crime, Thalia Sodi, Galaxy Audio, Express, Miu Miu, Journee Collection, Bling Jewelry, Moschino and Freddy
BEN. Ben get over here we gotta talk.| BEN: Yeah?| Me: OK, so you know how you always wanted to meet the ''Winchesters''?| BEN:Yeah...why?| Me: I got them to come here.| BEN:*eyes widen* REALLY?!?!?| Me: Yeah!| BEN: OH MY GOSH THANK YOOOOUUUU!!*hugs me*| Me:*stumbles back* Yeah, I'm awesome XD DEAN!! SAM!!| Both: *come in the room and smile*| BEN:*fanboys and cheers* OH MY GOD ITS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!| Dean: Got any pie?| Sam: Dean, no. We're here to see the boy. Remember?| Dean:*sigh…